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I'm trying to build a male dwarf character using the v2 rules.
Per the Common Knowledge section for Dwarf, entry D, only those characters with a station of 4+ can start as an Armorer?  I know that P&P is harsh, draconian and unforgiving, but only the wealthiest 10% of the Dwarf race are allowed to be Armorers?  That seems exceedingly unfair in an already harsh character creation game.  Is this accurate or a typo?
Further down, in the special section, it states that if a Dwarf has an Armorer EL50+ then that Dwarf can spend 150 expertise points for initiation and training.  "Thereafter, he is a Rune Master. He can useElder Magics and Permanent Magic as a magic-user. Any Dwarf who becomes a RuneMaster increases his station to six if it is lower."
So, if, in character creation, you roll 91+ for station, getting the magic station of 4+ for Armorer, and you have an Intelligence (and/or Will) of 50, then you could immediately spend the 150 expertise points at character creation to become a Rune Master?  Immediately changing your station to 6? Would that retro-actively change your initial increase factor or your starting coin type?
Finally the rules on what being a Rune Master means are pretty thin.  How many of the Elder and Permanent magic spells does the Dwarf start with?  What's his MEL and EL?  Would you determine starting MEL & EL as for wizard, sidh & shaman in book 2?
If I go all the way back to my paper copies of the books, from my original boxed set, the game does specifically state, in Book Three, page 35:"A Dwarf character that reaches EL50 as an Armorer can learn
these rites. To do so he must complete a 150 expertise point initiation
and training session. Thereafter, he is a Rune Master and can use Elder
Magics and Permanent Magic as magic-users. Any Dwarf who becomes
a Rune Master will increase his station to six if it is lower."
It would seem that Richard Snider did intend for this to be an option open to PLAYER characters.
Any help would be appreciated.
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