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Eloquence - A Character’s mental dexterity. It can be viewed as his ability to think quickly. Problems that require a person to be convincing in interpersonal relations, think quickly or respond with mental rapidity require Eloquence.
This is from the back of the Book 1 v2...

It seems to me that Eloquence as used in this game is underutilized.  Most people seem to only use it for their influence chance.  Many don't bother to put more than a 1.5 multiplier to it since it has so little affect on the game.  But what if there were other ways to use it...?

Perhaps it could be used to determine a quick reaction...such as to a door you are trying to open 'clicks'...and you attempt to duck out of the way of what's coming...one roll to see if you do react (E or E+Em/2) vs a difficulty factor determined by the GM, and one roll to see if your body can keep up with your mind.

Perhaps the successful use of E could help a mage keep track of how long his spell might last...instead of them always knowing to the second...especially if he is busy casting a new spell or otherwise distracted by the big monster trying to make a snack of his marrow.

Perhaps a high E rating could be used to identify an opening in an opponents defenses...and give a chance to exploit that weakness.

I was wondering if any of you had additional ideas.


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