[PnP] We still play it in 2014!

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Feb 9 04:18:00 CET 2014

It is definitely a fun game.  One of my longest running games.  I GM 
about 26 or so games.  Play with much more.  But of the core top 10 
this is one o fhtem.  My PBEM has been on going since 1999 with no 
real stops.  We are on the 5th Adventure.  But its been fun.  A world 
like PL you can't see it all.  I've done pnp since 1983.  Still not 
seen but maybe 30% of the PL.  Sadly most pnp pbems fail which is 
bad.  Mainy just don't last more than a year if not 6 months.  So I 
do it for the game, for me and for the players.  In fact next 
adventure will start soon for new folks.  But always new folks are 
welcome anytime.

P&P is so misunderstood.  It is one of those love/hate things.  So no 
middle ground like some other games that are popular.

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