[PnP] Economic Project, Part 1 (rev 2)

Burton Choinski bchoinski at verizon.net
Wed Apr 23 18:34:59 CEST 2014

>>> hmm..actually just recalled I don't see factors like on transportation.
>>> did you factor wagons..ships and such for moving such materials?
>> As I said above, these rules assume an idealized culture, with local production.  If you consider a simple pack trader (1 person and 2 mules), at 5bb/day, assuming that he can't graze his animals much while traveling perhaps add 1bb in fodder for the two mules.  His expenses are thus 6bb/day.  If his normal route between points is a week (6 days), plus another half week to sell his goods and rest, he must pull in 54bb per trip. At 300# of cargo on the mules, he needs to charge about 0.18bb per # of cargo.  Adding in the 10% tax, plus another 10% for tolls and road fees, and rounding up, it comes to about 1/4bb per pound of cargo per trip He need only do 27 trips per year).  Factoring this out, shipping by pack trader comes to 6CC per ton per day of travel.  If players need to ship 10 tons of wheat 5 map hexes away (overland, 10 miles per day, or 2 days per hex), the cost of their food will be 72SC, plus another 60SC for transport (almost doubling his cost).  Other transpor!
> t !
>> methods (larger traders with ox and wagon, carrying a ton, or larger caravans) would need to be figured out to find the expense of shipping. 
> In addition, a reasonable cargo density of 25#/cubic food should apply.  So when using pack traders, it's 6CC per ton or per 80 cubic feet per day of distance.
> Having ship costs will be useful, otherwise getting Silk from Katai to Donora will be really expensive...

Thinking on this, perhaps my above example needs to be rethought.  If you only hired porters (50# capacity) at 1bb/day, it would cost you 0.02bb/# per day, or 4CC per ton per day.  This is cheaper than the above pack trader, but presumably, this should be the most expensive means of transport, so I'll have to re-think the pack trader scenario.

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