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Ask the Ref? :)

Spell wise there are a few...

Knowledge to some degree
Wisdom as well
INsight from priests
Mana Sensing
Mana Reading
Soul Sight
even Dark Knowledge coujld be debated..be Obi Wan teaching Ankakin or 
Luke depending ..
Innates tend to have reputations so they get found out.  "That lady 
burnt down my barn when she sneezed!"  Since innates are hit/miss and 
may not be trained well.

Also those more book smart like curious in magic or arcane stuff like 
if your a librarian an dsee the kid who checks out that book on 
making magical death rings then maybe one should talk to that lad.

That kind of thing.

So usually its the example that draws the mage to use the spells to 
refine the investigation.

Those would all apply to me in some fashion.

To me its the classic example.
Mage sees some kid use a spell to save his sister from bandits yet 
its sloppy then bam you can recruit him and

> >So...the rules don't address this, but how would a Mage go about 
> testing and selecting a pupil for teaching magic?  I have my own 
> ideas about what can happen during an apprenticeship, but no real 
> clue as to how the Mage might choose one.
> >
> >Thoughts?
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