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Since neutral to humans and guardians of loot they will be motivated 
for the treasure like a dragon to guard and monitor.  After that they 
respect the Elder ways - nature,  the elements and the tradition of 
the old ways.  They would respect their element of fire so if a 
wizard tried to say stop a volcano of fire then it might get a bit 
peeved.  But a forest being burnt by idiots they might also decide f 
its time for justice yet if they see that Foresters are trying to 
regrow trees by doing control burns they might respect that.
But in all things its uptot he GM and such.  A FL inside a volcano 
for 8 centuries might get a bit motivated to escape if summoned and 
enjoy the vacation away.

Since they are guardians I ssupect they would like loot oriented fo 
rhtem.  A wizard who offers a frozen drink might get slaped but a 
person who offeres a item to detect/sense elementals at great 
distance he might see that as a reward for service.

As to Fire Pow its a famliy so all those spells.
Since SF is not a part technically i would not include it as the 
immunity.  BUt the GM is up to decide on this.   Like my Fire Wall or 
Nova spel mgiht be in my family of Fire Powers for example.   ButI 
treat them separately.

At 06:08 PM 5/27/2013, you wrote:
>I have a question...what is the motivation of a Fire Lord?  What 
>does he want?  Why does he do what he does?
>I am especially wondering what he would want to perform some service.
>Unfortunately, the creature section doesn't give much information there.
>Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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