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x1 multiplier.  This gives him a C of 11, a W of 11, and Em of 8 and and
I of 13.  In addition the average CEL for this guy is 0.666 (d3*-1),
rounding to 1.  Calculations on the formulas prove we also have
incorrect data for the above, which we now update:

AHP 9        OCV 1        DCV 1        NWI +3
S 14         St 11        D 10         A 10
MR 9         NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 22       CDF 1        CL NA
DTV -1       HC 11%(1-2)  INT 6

Granted, this nimrod is NOT who you want to make up the core of your
armies with, even if he'd be pretty cheap to hire and pay. Likewise,
while an army of character-class NPCs would be really effective, you are
quite unlikely to find that many, much less afford them.

Taking a clue from book 3, "creature variation", we must assume that the
average warrior is at least somewhat bigger and better than Joe Average,
ranging up to x2 for the biggest and baddest. However, to give some
value for differing levels, I have "tweaked" numbers for each of the

NWI, in these cases, is weapon EL.  Number in parenthesis after the
healing chance is average number of AHP healed in a week of rest.  A
ratio indicates that the points gained should alternate the two numbers
from week to week.  A trained healer (EL4) will slightly increase this
average (single number becomes a range with the next highest number,
range becomes the highest number; i.e. 2:3 becomes 3, 4 becomes 4:5).  A
master healer (EL8+) will increase all numbers in the rating by 2 (i.e.
3 becomes 5, 1:2 becomes 3:4).  A healer can tend up to DOUBLE his EL in
patients per week -- patients whose AHP is half or less require more
care and count DOUBLE.

Soldier I
AHP 12       OCV 3        DCV 2        NWI -1
S 18 (+1)    St 14        D 10         A 10
MR 9         NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 25       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -1       HC 14%(2)    INT 6

Soldier II
AHP 14       OCV 5        DCV 3        NWI -2
S 22 (+1)    St 17 (+1)   D 10         A 13
MR 9         NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 28       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -2       HC 17%(3:4)  INT 6

Soldier III
AHP 17       OCV 6        DCV 5        NWI -3
S 27 (+1)    St 20 (+1)   D 13         A 16 (+1)
MR 10        NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 31       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -2       HC 20%(4)    INT 6

Soldier IV
AHP 20       OCV 8        DCV 7        NWI -5
S 31 (+2)    St 23 (+1)   D 16 (+1)    A 19 (+1)
MR 10        NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 34       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -3       HC 23%(4:5)  INT 6

Archer I
AHP 9        OCV 2        DCV 2        NWI -1
S 14         St 11        D 13         A 13
MR 9         NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 22       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -1       HC 11%(1:2)  INT 6

Archer II
AHP 11       OCV 4        DCV 5        NWI -2
S 16 (+1)    St 14        D 16 (+1)    A 16 (+1)
MR 10        NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 23       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -1       HC 14%(2)    INT 6

Archer III
AHP 13       OCV 6        DCV 6        NWI -3
S 18 (+1)    St 16 (+1)   D 19 (+1)    A 19 (+1)
MR 10        NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 27       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -2       HC 16%(3-4)  INT 6

Archer IV
AHP 15       OCV 7        DCV 7        NWI -5
S 20 (+1)    St 18 (+1)   D 22 (+1)    A 22 (+1)
MR 10        NAV 0        MDV 4        NF Varies
EnL 29       CDF 2        CL NA
DTV -2       HC 18%(3-4)  INT 6

Pay is based on the book 1 rate of 2SC/month for a "soldier".  However,
the add of "plus 5CC per OCV-2" is a bit simplistic for my tastes --
way too much for minimal gain.  Instead, I used a formula based on OCV,
DCV and AHP differences from the baseline soldier, rounded.

__TYPE________  __PAY_____
Soldier I       20CC/month
Soldier II      25CC/month
Soldier III     30CC/month
Soldier IV      40CC/month

Slinger I       25CC/month
Slinger II      30CC/month
Slinger III     40CC/month
Slinger IV      50CC/month

Crossbowman I   30CC/month
Crossbowman II  40CC/month
Crossbowman III 50CC/month
Crossbowman IV  60CC/month

Bowman I        40CC/month
Bowman II       50CC/month
Bowman III      65CC/month
Bowman IV       80CC/month

In general, the number of mercenaries readily available for hire per
month equals (1d6 x 0.1%) of the urban population in a city and (1d3 x
0.05%) of a town population.  Cost to recruit equals one month's pay.
The available number may be increased by 50% if you pay DOUBLE the
recruitment cost.  All soldiers are considered equipped with their
primary weapon and reasonable armor.

Archers are only commonly available in cultures where their weapon is
one of the prefered weapons, and at 1/2 the normal numbers otherwise.

Keep in mind that higher quality troops are rarer -- For every 5 Soldier
I's available, 1 Soldier II may be hired.  1 Soldier III is available
available for every 10 Soldier I's, and 1 Soldier IV is available for
every 15 Soldier 1's.  This ratio applies to all types but may be
altered by the GM to represent

Cavalry are paid TRIPLE for light cavalry (scouts, skirmishers) and FIVE
TIMES for heavy cavalry.

A 100-man company will have a captain who gets QUADRUPLE pay and 9
leuitenants who get DOUBLE pay.

All troops require 1SC/month in food and beer rations while officer
rations cost 15CC/month. For Cavalry, add 3SC/month for horse feed and
care for light cavalry and 4SC/month for heavy cavalry.

___Troop Experience_________________________________________________
The rules above are for "Regular" soldiers, with an average amount of
combat training.  For other types, the costs and benefits will differ.

"Raw" soldiers have no combat experience.  They are available at FIVE
TIMES the availability, but have -2 OCV and -2 DCV.  They may be paied
20% less per month.

"Green" soldiers have been trained but not in much combat.  They have
DOUBLE the availability, and have -1 OCV and -1 DCV.  They may be paid
10% less per month.

"Seasoned" soldiers, with decent combat experience get 10% more per
month and get +1 OCV, +1 DCV and -1 on NWI (Weapon EL).  They have 1/2

"Veteran" soldiers have 1/4 availability and get 25% more pay per month.
They get +2 OCV, +2 DCV and -2 on NWI.

"Elite" soldiers have 1/10 availability and get 50% more pay per month.
They get +3 OCV, +3 DCV and -3 on NWI.

EXAMPLE: A local lord is trying to raise a company for a strike at enemy
lands.  It may take several months, but he manages to gather a company
of footmen 100 strong, all Regular Soldier I's, with Seasoned Soldier
II's for the officers. (NOTE: as he accumulates sodiers, he must pay the
ones he already has to sit around and twiddle thumbs).

The 90 Soldier I's will cost 1800CC (18GC) to recuit and 27GC per month
in pay and food.  The 9 leiutenants will cost 5GC to recruit and cost
63SC per month in pay and food.  The Captain will cost 11SC to recruit
and cost 13SC per month in pay and food.  Total expense for this company
is nearly 35GC per month out of the pocket of the lord.  With luck, what
plunder he gets will help defray the costs of raising and maintaining
this force.

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