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Tue Jan 8 10:09:52 CET 2013

somesuch.  Also, remember that divine titles are subject to miraculous
multiplication.  Of course, I did let a Korchi Natural Magician summon some
once.  Porta wasn't the same after that.

                         >In our adventure of late, we took on Mab in his
>tower, and we did beat him, but if it wasn't for the sheer luck of our
>dwarf shattering the altar of Kototh there, we would have been stuck in the
>lower world in Kototh's hands and died after many years of torture. Because
>he destroyed the altar instead of just desicrating it, the other Gods took
>note of our actions, and to avoid an out-right war, they agreed the fight
>was between Mab and us. We got sent back to the swamp. This does NOT mean
>that Kototh will not wreck our lives from now on every chance he gets. We
>crossed a God, and that is not allowed to go
>unpunished. (by ANY mythos) Our lives will be full of adventure because of it.
>(by the way we made Mab a present for Avalon..... long story....)

  This sounds like a good call.  Problem is, when you mess with the gods, they
  mess back.  Even if you're stomping on Chaos and Kotothi gods, I'm sure that
  the Law (and especially Balance) gods start to get a little worried.
  Especially the more fanatical Law gods who see the destruction of Chaos as
  their baliwick and don't like to see us talking monkeys interfering in divine

  Let's say that Cuba was suddenly overthrown by insects (Cuba, the son of the
  Soviet Union -- Mab, the son of Kototh, close enough).  Wouldn't you think
  that the other nations of the world would take notice?  Even the United States
  (Metatron?) might decide to eliminate these insects (the party) before they
  become a threat.  You naver can tell what a bug will do.  "One minute they're
  worshipping you and paying you praises, next they're summoning demons."  It's
  not entirely implausible.  (Oh, and please don't make comment about the
  politics.  I chose it for instant recognition, not actual world views and

  Scott Cohan

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