[PnP] Combat skill increase through education?

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Fri Apr 26 00:05:11 CEST 2013

It is for any skill. You can even use that time to learn.
Doing sword by yourself is 1 per day.
With a teacher 2 per day.
With a book AND instructor it is 3.
Though learning sword from a book is highly weird.

So if he did 2 months
it would be 1x60=60 points or 120 or 360 points.

To me I allow it to do day 1 and skip 3 days and do another day.  Not 
sure if that is in the rules.  BUT on some things i do allow only 
consecutive days.

One can do this as well for attribute sot body build and such.  I 
can't recall the rule but its in the ruIBTles.

This period I've terms IBT In Between Time.  Between adventures.  I 
allow folks do whatever they want in that time.  The pbem just 
started  the adventure a few days ago.  But I gave the folks 45 days 
of IBT between last and current adventure.  Though it took me with 10 
players 4 months of our time to do.  A lot of improvement.

Some  do place rules on doing multi things.  So doing say learning 
Healing and then working a 8 hour day at the butcher is NOT going to 
happen.  You should learn  Healing at least 8-12 hours of that day.

Though if a minor skill then say Tailor and Tanning then I may allow 
both the same day but at half the  points.

Years ago I typed up a IBT file and its on my game site now.

Instruction can be tricky.  If you have a EL3 Sword master and 
learning to get to EL5 then really one could restrict that to only 
EL3.  I ten dot forget this myself.  But it can be done to prevent study.

As to the 30 years free stuff.  No.  Just because you walk by a 
butcher shop and see them cutting meat for 50 years doesn't mean you 
learn the skill by looking in the window.  So once you pay for 
Initial stuff you cna't just poof new stuff.  Now with that said I do 
allow certian poof stuff.  I figure If you spend 3 months riding a 
horse then you should earn some horsemanship points.  Same with 
Language.  If you hear the barmaid speak Salaq for 12 years you might 
get a few words.  How much is up to GM but I sometimes do it on a 1 
point per day thing.  Those kinda things are subliminal learning.

But I tend to do this only for horse riding, languages...maybe 
rhetoric...hmm...maybe acting...seaman if on a ship for you 
rlife...bu tnto many other skills.    Case by Case thing.

past exp

At 01:35 PM 4/25/2013, you wrote:
>On page 21, book I, it is written that skills can be increased 
>through training (days allocated to a particular skill), through 
>instructors, and through experiential training.
>I wondered if this applies only to "other skills", or to combat 
>skills as well.
>If it applies to combat skills also, one of my players could say to 
>me that, for instance, his character is entitled to start with 
>comabt skill EL higher than 0, because he is already 30 years old, 
>and this means he has had the time to train in his lifetime.
>Don't you think so?
>Anyhow, even if my player does not pretend this, he could tell me 
>that in between adventures his character is resting in a town for 
>two months, without doing nothing apart from training with his 
>sword. In this case he would automatically earn 60 expertise points 
>with that weapon! Don't you think that that is too much?
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