[PnP] Combat skill increase through education?

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I think your math is off. Sword has a cost to learn of NELx5. Thus from 
EL0 to EL1 costs 5, to EL2 costs another 10, to EL3 costs another 15 et 
cetera. Instructed for 60 days gives 120 xp. 120-5-10-15-20-25-30=15 So 
the character could get up to EL6 and have another 15 xp towards EL7.
(St+A)/10 would need to be 6 (or >6 for keeping the extra 15 xp).

         Alex K

On 4/25/2013 10:21 AM, Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:
> Previous experience is determined during character creation, on table 
> 1.14. The points he allocated to expertise reflect just how much time 
> he spent practicingALL skillsbefore game start. He can't then turn 
> around and ask for more. Hehas already made his choice as to what he 
> has done during those 30 years.
> Also notethat the chart allows for someone to be VERY good with a 
> weapon, but never to have been in combat (high expertise pick, low 
> experience pick). Spending a large portion of his pre game background 
> time on training a weapon IS a valid choice.But other skills suffer.
> Now, between adventures, assuming he has the money to pay for food and 
> lodging, and somewhere to practice, yes, then he can train up whatever 
> he wants...if that's ALL he's doing.
> Apply factors for this stringently: if he does ANYTHING ELSE in a day, 
> he gets half a point. Other activities may take the whole of a day, or 
> more, such as crafting something, or enchanting something. Other 
> players will likely be doing something during down time as well, such 
> as learning skills they don't have, enchanting gear, etc, to make 
> themselves better equipped or skilled, why not a weapon skill as well?
> Mind you: you do NOT have to make an instructor available, but making 
> on available to the guy learning Forestry, or a new spell, or etc and 
> not making a weapon master available isn't quite fair, depending ont 
> he nature of the area the down time happens in, of course.
> If you're giving them the down time, for whatever reason, you should 
> really let them use it as they like, local laws and available cash and 
> supplies permitting.
> For the record, 60 days in sword is from 0 to 12. that requires a 
> current ST+A of 120.and that's only in one type of sword. He's nliekly 
> to get that far, although with the right background rolls, it COULD 
> happen. To practice other types, he has to buy them, first, then 
> practice them separately.You can't practice a weapon you don't have on 
> hand. It's unlikely he'll be spending much time training that one 
> skill.   And, really, Experience levels count a lot more over the  
> long run than weapon expertise, in my opinion. If I were him, I'd be 
> practicing my shield skill.
> Remember, down time is for everyone to spend on improving, learning, 
> making, etc, not just the mages. Or whomever.
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>     If it applies to combat skills also, one of my players could say
>     to me that, for instance, his character is entitled to start with
>     comabt skill EL higher than 0, because he is already 30 years old,
>     and this means he has had the time to train in his lifetime.
>     Don't you think so?
>     Anyhow, even if my player does not pretend this, he could tell me
>     that in between adventures his character is resting in a town for
>     two months, without doing nothing apart from training with his
>     sword. In this case he would automatically earn 60 expertise
>     points with that weapon! Don't you think that that is too much?
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