[PnP] Combat skill increase through education?

Catac Lib mttdicor7 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 19:35:57 CEST 2013

On page 21, book I, it is written that skills can be increased through
training (days allocated to a particular skill), through instructors, and
through experiential training.

I wondered if this applies only to "other skills", or to combat skills as

If it applies to combat skills also, one of my players could say to me
that, for instance, his character is entitled to start with comabt skill EL
higher than 0, because he is already 30 years old, and this means he has
had the time to train in his lifetime.

Don't you think so?

Anyhow, even if my player does not pretend this, he could tell me that in
between adventures his character is resting in a town for two months,
without doing nothing apart from training with his sword. In this case he
would automatically earn 60 expertise points with that weapon! Don't you
think that that is too much?
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