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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Sep 18 00:29:41 CEST 2012

At 11:59 PM 9/14/2012, you wrote:
>Thanks for the feedback, both of you. :)  Paul - I saw your 
>Two-Handed Weapon houserules on the site, and if I ever get a chance 
>to run P&P, I'll be incorporating at least some of them!  With how 
>intensely valuable shields are, it's good to see a reason to haul 
>around a huge axe!
Yes.  Shields are important.  Can mean the difference from life and 
death.  Even small bucklers can save lives.  In my pbem I think I 
have one main character that has been saved by his shield twice.

>I think my confusion on the Characteristic Points bit was that I 
>wasn't thinking in end-of-session or end-of-adventure terms; in the 
>book, it looked like you got your XP and EP right after a fight, and 
>the Char. Points were part of that.  This way makes more sense!
Actually the game does imply that.  So if your fighting 10 bandits 
you need to earn the full CEP to get the cp.  But if only fighting a 
beggar you're likely not going to get ANY cp.  So using that rule is 
very restrictivein that regard.  So most like me prefer to pool 
it.  As to my last email I was done playing Diablo 3 for like 10 
hours that day so was confused by the cep/mep numnbers.  Was thinking 
of gettng my level 55 character up to 56 with 1 more million 
experience. So just brain dead.  Sorry.  But yeah it can even be 
adjusted. I've seen one GM use 200 CP for 1 cp.

>I'm a poly-gamer, myself.  I looove systems.  I like finding out 
>what systems are good at, playing to their strengths, and against 
>their weaknesses.  Old-school, new-school, whatever - as long as a 
>game has unique strengths, and I can see some interesting bits to 
>build an adventure around, I'm a fan!  I think that's why P&P has 
>stuck with me all these years - there's parts of the system I have 
>literally never seen anywhere else.  IMO, some work better than 
>others, but I'd rather play a unique game that tries something 
>innovative than a safe game that only builds off the past.  So I 
>have a lot of respect for games like AD&D 1e, D&D 4e, Call of 
>Cthulhu, FATE-based games like Spirit of the Century, and, yes, P&P!
Well no coment on D&D.  :) I like systemws that are simple in terms 
of books.  Not needing to bring a shipping crate of books of rules 
then another few crates for supplements.  Why I like pnp with only a 
few boxes and books.  Why I like Frngeworthy with only 1 book or 
Gamam World with a few.  Hawkmoon with a couple or Elric with a 
couple.  I also run and game in about 26 various systems.  PNP is my 
top fantasy with Elric/Hawkmoon being close second.

>So please keep in mind - I'm pretty critical in my extended 
>review.  Part of that is for comic effect, but honestly, after 
>initial dismay, I found that this game still charms the heck out of 
>me.  I hope that shines through, as well.

Well I just prefer reviews where its bashing in terms of the 
math.  Yes its a lot of math.  But any 5th grader (well I guess in 
today's america maybe 8th grade due to education) can handle 
it.  After that its no big deal on the bashing.  I mean sure it took 
me maybe 3 hours to work on a character back in 1983. But now with 
things memorized and just a couple charts I can create a cahracter in 
less than 5 min. Course with my character generator a bit less. :)

Saw your site. Interesting.  Lots to look at but bookmarked.  Will 
look when I can't get on to play D3 :)

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