[PnP] how to resolve skill checks?

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Very interesting.  Seems a bit more math.  At 
this late hour (sigh Didablo 3 servers not 
working so can't play :<) my brain is a bit 
slow.  But looks like a decent system even at 2am. :)

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>Dear PP-friends,
>To contribute to the skill check question i want 
>to share what i do with the french version (<http://meure.be>http://meure.be).
>In the Book 1 you will find 80 general skills and 40 combat skills.
>All are expressed in a EL ranging from 00 to 80 (max) like a percentage.
>When needed a check is called using the good-old table:
>Number of (skills/carac)
>Bonus XT*
>2 (A et B)
>3 (A, B et C)
>Very easy
>No test
>No test
>No test
>A x 3
>(A + B) x2
>(A + B + C) x1
>A x 2
>(A + B) x1
>(A + B + C) /2
>A x 1
>(A + B) /2
>(A + B + C) /3
>Very difficult
>A / 2
>(A + B) /4
>(A + B + C) /6
>A / 3
>(A + B) /6
>(A + B + C) /9
>The result is read with the following table:
>D100 <= CR/10
>Critical success
>CR/10 < D100 <= CR
>Normal success
>CR < D100 <= CR+25²
>Partial success
>CR+25 < D100 <= 90+CR/10 1
>D100 > 90+CR/10 1
>Critical failure
>Hope you find this info useful.
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