[PnP] how to resolve skill checks?

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   Same thing, really. If you look at the back of Book 1, about page 40 
under "Problem Solving (Optional)". Yes, it's listed as an optional 
rules system.

   The basics: under 5.2, Skill Use just look at the type of skill (an 
"or 80" skill or a 'normal' skill..."Other" they call it), then cross 
reference the difficulty you have assigned - Easy to Impossible. Do the 
math, and roll 1d100. Equal or lower is success.

/*Example*:  Making a Swimming check across a deep, slow-moving river 
may be Moderate. Swimming is an "Other" skill. Say the EL in Swimming 
for the character is 6. Cross reference Other with Moderate and you see 
"x10". So, 6 x 10 = 60. The character has a 60% chance of succeeding. On 
the other side, the character decides that swimming rivers sucks, so he 
wants to build a bridge. His skill in Forester is 47, as it is an "or 
80" skill. The Referee decides that it's a bit of an odd forest, with 
cool rains and unpredictable winters, so figures a difficulty of 
Difficult. Lookin at the table under "or 80", we see /2. So, 47 / 2 = 
23.5, rounding up to 24. The character has a 24% chance to correctly 
choose the proper trees to build the best bridge here./

Hope that makes sense. :)


Paul L. Ming

> Now i got how to make ability checks (for instance, a strenght check 
> or a dexterity check), but i still can't understand how to make skill 
> checks (for example, if my character has a skill in survival or in 
> climbing, swimming, etc...- should i roll against my EL or something 
> like that?)
> Basically, i would like to know which is the basic (standard mechanic 
> to make a skill check in P&P).
> thanks in advance

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