[PnP] Creature Terrain

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Jan 31 05:55:47 CET 2012

At 07:06 PM 1/26/2012, you wrote:
>Have not done diddly with the random encounters.  In Our current 
>game, using my custom system, the PCs are powerfull enough that 
>random encounters was more a time waster than having any use, so no 
>time was allocated.
I understand the time.  I just figured I'd ask if had notes or such done.

>I'm interested in the ship stuff, since they do some of that, but we 
>need a decent "hits and armor" for ships, along with weapons, so 
>that we can do ship-to-ship battles.  I'm probably going to simplify 
>the shipwright sheet and re-design ships.
Well the combat could take me no more than a month.  It should be 
fairly deasy.  I suspect no issues.  I got tons of stuff on it.  I 
just can't do it until I get the ship design rules done.  I've done 
all the other supplement rule just need to get to the design 
stuff.  The main issue is the big deal on how to get the first step 
done.  But this site I've found might solve that.  Sadly not worked 
on it.  I just had a few min to do a quick web surf and found 
it.  But I've been working on new computer.  After 12 years finally 
got a new computer.  Course I got it mid Nov but after several odd 
instances including in the end a odd virus and several formats later 
including a CD exploding in the new drive (old cd new drive) I've had 
bad luck.  I've been so far good for a month since new years. So just 
working on moving files from old computer to new computer.  So free 
time not had to do fun stuff.

>  On a side note, my players are trying to develop a cultural area 
> of their own (in unclaimed lands), and this is the sheet I am using 
> to deal with the cultural needs.  It has a bunch of numbers already 
> entered, so use that as an example, but any comments on it would be 
> good.  It's a real gross macro-system, and they are aware that 
> their culture it out of whack (they concentrated on a lot of 
> military and non-food resources, so they pay a bunch for food.)
Looked at the sheet.  Couldn't not in office 97 on old computer.  But 
in this computer used open office. Looked good. No specific comments 
though.  I'm so rusty on spreadsheet work its sad. Just don't use 
them in terms of heavy formulae and such.  Basic sheets sure.

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