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Hope everyone had a good holiday season....

Trying to get back to more creative things.  Working on moving fles from old computer to new computer.  Working on the pnp dir now.  It is about 135 megs at this pint.  
Cleaning files and organizing it.

I may een get to my ship project agan and finally finish it this year course the world will end this year so just my luck.  But I  came across a good site that could help me in teh hurdle I'm facing.

Burton! Back in 2007 we talked about v2 monsters and lack of terrain.  Did you ever finish this project to flesh out terrain info for encounters?  Here is the email part..from you

 From the list itself...

Subject: RE: [PnP] Lions, tigers and bears oh my!
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 08:04:15 -0500

Well, very few of the creatures/monsters listed in the v2
books have any sort of terrain indication, so as I go through
the entries and mark down notes in my excel sheet I'm having
to make my best guess.  For the animals it's pretty clear
since I can draw upon Earth equivalents.  Monsters and contact-
level entities are trickier.

I'm using a relatively simple formula to determine "shares" --
3/(SIZE+1), multiplied by a factor based on type: Carnivore x1,
herbivore x10, NA x1/2, all others x2, all fractions rounded to
the nearest, and a minimum of 1.

Once all the shares are found, the program will choose a random
number from 1 to (total shares) in order to choose the creature.

For CL creatures, their shares go into a block that has it's own
picker where the number of shares is inversely related to the CL
(i.e. lower CL is more common).

I have done animals and balance, working on chaos now.  When all
entries are in I'll go back over the book 3 tables and correct the
encounter terrains for existing creatures. Once complete I have
to update the postscript program and I'll release it.

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