[PnP] New? GM starting up a game

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri Dec 28 23:20:35 CET 2012

At 10:54 PM 12/27/2012, you wrote:

>Hey all,
>A GM is starting up a new campaign and is looking for new 
>players.  This GM is planning a post-ring Middle Earth game.  That 
>may mean elves are somewhat scarce...

Middle Earth rpg? So not pnp.  Been awhle since I played in a MERP 
system.  But its always good to have new pbems and games out 
there.  Sadly too many start and bomb out in 6 months.  Over last 30 
years been in hundreds like that.  Sounds fun though.  No website or such?

>I have played games with this GM before.  The world he creates is 
>very realistic, including great maps, which also means it is 
>especially dangerous.  He tends not to give out hints as to how to 
>proceed.  Magic tends to be less available...and sometimes he 
>restricts the character types and races.  Still, these are great 
>games.  He might also have specific ways that he wants the 
>characters generated.  I used to run a horse archer that was 
>supposed to have an NPC friend...but it became the archer's horse 
>instead (no jokes, please) at my request.

No magic then for sure not pnp :).  Those are more challenging and 
fun to play in though.

>I think the games rate a 4.5 stars...but then I am sympathetic to 
>the limits he likes to run.  You would also have to be dedicated to 
>posting your actions/intents.  Anyway, if you are interested, 
>contact him  (Daiju Zenji) directly at 
><mailto:veryflatduck at hotmail.com>veryflatduck at hotmail.com or me at 
>dasandersx at <http://comcast.net>comcast.net.
Ahh!..Daj is running it.  Cool.  He wanted to play in mine but never 
followed through. Many seem to not follow through.  I thought it 
might be another person but if its DAj then maybe I'll look into it.

Just to get the time....

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