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Sorry, but I only saw the first response on the list and missed yours.  Attached is the sheet I was talking about.  Many items in formulae.  Dropdowns for race and sex will modify native stats appropriately.  "Auto-gen Native Abilities" button will generate native abilities and multiplier.  If you generate a character with it, save as normal excel file when done to deactivate the dice rolling so you don't accidentally overwrite your native stats.  Skills from the second sheet spelled exactly the same (or copy/paste from the list) will have lines automatically calculated-hit the Fix Skill Formulae button after you enter all of your skills.  Enter combat skills in all appropriate sections and just about everything is calculated for you.  For me this makes character generation a breeze.  Skill ExPts will highlight when you have enough to level up a skill.  EL's will highlight red if you put in an EL over the character's maximum.  CEPs and MEPs are entered by user, CEL and MEL are calculated for you.  Casting ability must be updated manually at this time.  Section to right side-"Temporary Mods"-is meant for entering anything that will affect a stat temporarily, and all appropriate formulae will be updated when changed.

Please feel free to direct requests for help, rants, raves or whatever you need to me.

Bryan Tallant
grumani at adelphia.net
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