[PnP] Ability check in P&P

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Apr 28 01:13:10 CEST 2012

Alex pretty much gave the info.  Ability checks aren't as common as 
say skill checks for sure.  Mostly strength (grapple, breaking 
soemthing) or maybe a Eloquence (carousing, fast talk) kinda thing 
not much else.  I tend to like Crtical rolls though Critical Success 
and Critical Failure.  No matter if youhave 205% chance of success 
the gods may deem the task rude to their eyes and thus a 01 roll will 
be critical failure and that's not good.  So the ranges for S/F Crits 
are up to the ref.

At 03:10 PM 4/27/2012, you wrote:
>Hi all, i have a doubt.
>The ability checks in Powers & Perils are solved with the following 
>mechanic, am i right?
>Constitution check, if i have a 16 in CON, in order to pass the 
>check with success i have to roll from 1 to 16 with 1d20 (one twenty sided die)
>Which dice do you use for ability checks? 1d20 or 1d100 (or 2d10, 
>which is the same)? It is not the same!
>If i roll 1d100 it means i have in the above example very few 
>possibilities of succeeding, whereas with 1d20 i have high chances.
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