[PnP] initiative in Powers & Perils

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Tue Apr 3 22:59:07 CEST 2012


> i would like to ask you a question about P&P. From what i understand, 
> initiative in p&p is just a matter of which kind of weapon you are 
> wielding, am i right? (whereas for monsters they have to take into 
> account their OCV).
> This means that high values in dexterity is of no use to players. I am 
> perplexed a little bit because if this is true, it means that on every 
> phase there is always the same order of initiative, for instance

   Yes, you have it correct. If you are super-dexterous and skilled in a 
dagger ("OTHER WEAPON") and I am average with everything, including my 
spear ("SPEAR/LANCE")...I go first. Why? You have an arm about as long 
as mine, plus, say, 14". I have the same, plus about 60". In order for 
you to 'get' me, you have to get past my spear point...basically, I'll 
"always go first".

   Now, one thing that is very important to realise about P&P (actually, 
pretty much all games created pre-90's), is that the rules are not so 
much supposed to be "rules", as they are "guidelines"...kinda like the 
Pirates' Code I guess. ;) That basicallly means, as you are told many 
times when reading the P&P books (something I *love* about it), is "If a 
rule works for you, great, but if not, change it".

   So, if you want Dexterity/Agility/Intelligence/Eloquence/etc. to have 
some sort of effect on 'initiative', for for it. Personally, I'd 
probably create a new combined stat called "Initiative" and have it be 
an average of the above four. Use that on the Bonus Chart to get a +#, 
and subtract that from the Order of Weapons number. So, a guy with a 
dagger who was really quick and agile may end up with a +3...that would 
take his 'attack order' down to a 7. If that's still too rigid, then 
just scrap that whole Order of Weapons chart and just throw a 1D6+DB+AB 
and be done with it. The point is, P&P is best played after everyone 
tweaks, massages and smooths out all the parts they find 'bumpy'...so, 
get to it! :)


Paul L. Ming

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