[PnP] Sidh as Evil

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 2 23:45:19 CEST 2011

I did up a quick and easy Kotothi human wizard  for v1 based off druids (human shamans already have a path to kotothi orientations in V1) basically I just used druid rules (balance wizard + sidh training and the desire to become elder oriented). Basically: Chaos Wizard, sidh training (from a kotothi aligned sidh,of course)and swap the druid multiplies for chaos and balance magic,  and double the Law multiplier.

Mind you, I only used it to generate the occasional, NPC but it worked well enough.

For the sidh following kotothi, I just figured they used the same magic, just had a ifferent world view. Same with ELders, and I considered all MADE kotothi Elder. It was just a human wizard orientation I needed. 

>In my system I have been creating up a Kotothi spell set, primarily based on reasonable corruptions of Sidhe, Elder and Chaos spells.

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