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>Don't forget: Sprite stats are V1 rules, where there were no specifically Kotothi spells, just Elder and Sidh spells used by kotothi aligned sidh.

But Kot was way back in v1 via articles.  So twas around just not in full "official" mode.  

>In V2, they've developed the spells, but I don't think much was done to upgrade the critters.
Actually ALL the critters were redon.  I know cause I worked with Richard on the file for months.  As well as the core of magic spells and such.  I have an old v1 monster file and v2 ond.  Huge changes.  

>Whether they'd want to learn Chaos Magic, it being human and all is one thing, but any kotothi should be able to learn kotothi spells, much the same as any sidh can learn sidh spells.
>We'll see.  I have two possible ways.  But will hold on it.  Since I can see the argument in both ways.

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>>>Sure they can. That's all a sprite is, after all: a kotoihi aligned Faerry. And most of the kotothi sidhe are elves that have decided to follow kotothi.
>>>Of course, learning such magics probably makes them kotothi, but hey, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. 
>>Yes and no.
>>There is actually no info on them learning Ch/Kot spells.  Unlike other orientations that state X can learn Y at Z values.  I find no evidence they can so don't think they can.  Now there are round about exceptions to this rule but wn't go into it just in case others will reply to this .
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