[PnP] Linothorax

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Nov 11 23:01:30 CET 2011

I am aware that the Chinese and Japanese used silk armor, but don't know 
if they just quilted (layers sewn together) it or laminated (layers 
stuck together w glue) it with animal glue. Apparently the laminated 
linen armor was much better than the quilted linen armor versus the 
higher powered hits.

On 11/11/2011 10:13 AM,  Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:
> the japanese used a silk layer under armor to reduce arrow damage. it tends to be puncture resistant.
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>> Subject: [PnP] Linothorax
>> I just saw a show that had a segment about linen armor. It didn't think
>> that it would be nearly as good as it is.
>> http://www.uwgb.edu/aldreteg/Linothorax.html
>> Apparently it was quite effective and only 1/3 the weight of metal
>> armor. Could be waterproofed as well.
>> I wonder how silk with the correct glue would work as armor? I suspect
>> that it could be even better than linen.
>>      Alex K

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