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My gaming group hails from Las Vegas, Nevada.

I used to run P&P exclusively in the late 80s, but found that my new gaming group was into D&D 3.5, which really wasn't all that bad. It had some great qualities. But it, like every game system I've played, lacked somewhere, so we decided to create our own home-brewed system.

I gave them a taste of Powers & Perils, running them through an encounter, to see what it was all about so they wouldn't be opposed to me lifting elements from it in our new game.

The game we play game today very much has a strong P&P influence in it.


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Welcome aboard!  It's good to see a new face!  Although I love Powers & Perils, I haven't been able to play it for years.  I think the last time I played was with a group in Dayton, OH.  We would get together every Sunday evening and play.  That was probably about 12 years ago.  I miss it! Currently, I live in Mason, OH which is in the Cincinnati/Columbus area.

Take care,

On Jun 25, 2011, at 5:29 PM, Julian Draven wrote:

> Hello all.
> I just wanted to introduce myself.
> I was a huge fan of Powers & Perils back in the '80s and just bought myself a sealed copy of the game purely for nostalgia, but I was delighted to stumble across this mailing list and website.
> I've sent an email to a few of you who are within a reasonable driving distance to see if you are still gaming and if I can get involved.
> Regards,
> Julian Draven
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