[PnP] Hello PnP Players

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sun Jun 26 07:19:43 CEST 2011

Its always good to see new blood.  A few of us have been around since the mid-90s.  I think tht's when this all started.  Sadly, we just lost the author of P&P Richard Snider, earlier this year.  He was even active here. You will see the website has version 2 of the rules made by Richard in bulk with some help or ideas from myself, Wout, Burton a nd a few others. Many more have done great home brew stuff and its  all on the website.  

So enjoy the material.

Where do you live at?  Most folks don't play it live these days.  Think theres 2-3 groups only.  But nothing like the old days.

There are a few PBEM (play by email) games going on.
*  My game is has been active for over a decade just couple weeks ago it would be June/1999.  Its been fun.

* Mark's game started up a year or two but been stopped.  Not sure on teh status as he hasn't really confirmed it either way.

* Lev's game been a few years but much slower but still active.

* Daiju's game going on but not read it in awhile.  

There may be one or two others as well.

Good luck on a table game.  

At 05:29 PM 6/25/11, you wrote:
>Hello all.
>I just wanted to introduce myself.
>I was a huge fan of Powers & Perils back in the '80s and just bought myself a sealed copy of the game purely for nostalgia, but I was delighted to stumble across this mailing list and website.
>I've sent an email to a few of you who are within a reasonable driving distance to see if you are still gaming and if I can get involved.
>Julian Draven

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