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I disagree with Scott here. If OCV and DCV stay the sameas the spell says,  then the stats they're based off if must be staying the same as well. After all, they're calculated attributes. The bonuses, at least stay the same. Worst case, I would think, is, depending on shape, the stats those bonuses come from might slide towards either extreme of the same range.

As to the dwarf-human change, first you're assuming that the spell allows that much eight gain, rather than a proportional amount. Second is the assumption that the extra weight is all muscle. Neither is necessarily true. For that matter he slug might well be quite strong, but have no way to apply it, making it moot, anyhow. Yes this does make for some weak elephants and strong hummingbirds.

Also remember, each shape is a different caster only spell. And it's a change of shape, not the full transmutation of Transmutation. 

But again, the opinion that really matters is that of the GM. I suspect Scott is more generous in that respect than I ever was.

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>>I've looked through the errata and the Heroes magazine articles, but I can't find any extensive information on the Shape Change spell.  I know that it explicitly states that HPV, OCV & DCV are unchanged, but what about S, St, D & A?  (or any other stats, for that matter?)
>>Anyone have a house rule that has worked for them? 
>It depends on the form.  A Dwarf about 100 pounds changed into a 300 pound human would likely have x3 Strength.  But if he changed intoa  a100 pound slug then he probably would lose half his strength.  
>So I guess its a matter of figuring that way.
>I don't recall other rules for that stuff either.
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