[PnP] Sans Perilous Lands: PnP in the Trollkinian lands

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Thu Feb 24 13:32:39 CET 2011

At 07:27 AM 2/24/11, you wrote:
>Perilous Lands is not only the name of the campaign setting supplement but also the name of the campaign setting itself.
>P&P box set contained "Book V - County Mordara"  which was my only source of knowledge about the Perilous Lands before I found Wout Broere's site.

I've always run/played in the PL.  Back in '84 or so when I found the original box I came across PL almost immediately after ins ome dealer shop at a Con (both found at a con).  But maybe PL was a year or two later.  So for 25 odd years run PL.  We did teh county M. thing twice only.  I tend to never run the same thing twice but I ran it once and another person run his version. 

I still say PL is great.  I've played for so long in it that I still haven't seen maybe but 40% of the lands.  Let me go check my list...hmmm...based on my map Culture Project file looks like 82 lands..from quick count we've been in 25 so sigh only 30%...not even 1/3rd!  So you could still spend decades in the PL and not see it all.  The next adventure to start soon will go back to Donara from Katai.  

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