[PnP] MAp Project

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sun Dec 4 13:31:42 CET 2011

At 04:05 PM 12/3/11, you wrote:
>Gah, no I have been busy with normal life, my games, and work.
>I did try to start processing it in, but it was so manually intensive it was not feasible with any sort of reasonable timescale.
I understand that.  I've yet to finish the ship project and I'm 95% done just not had time to finish it.  After 12 years I finally got a new computer.  Its super high tech and will last a decade I hope.  But still processing emails, changing over emails, updating bookmarks, etc.  Just finished some of the major IM contacts so I can chat on the new machine with folks.  

If only had 40 hours a day! We could get stuff done.  

Good luck on new software.

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