[PnP] Ando Spell

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Sun Mar 21 20:27:29 CET 2010

Has anyone thought or designed a Booster spell?  I already have amplification spells for damage but maybe I could use a booster spell for Range/Duration.  Fans of Heroes will know Ando having the power to boost spells (last show it allowed Hiro to teleport a large crowd (inclusion boost)).

Just curious if anyone had done such.

Technically one could merge some spells with others.  What prompted this was a Detection spell and a large distance.  Detection isn't that far a range.  But maybe a GM could allow to merge with a Sensory - Sight spell and somehow it works further.  That sort of thing.

But a generic spell to do this might work as well.  Required to cast before the spell in need. If this one fails then spell would be normal. 

Rough thinking here..

Duration boost
phases, turns, minutes, hours usually
EL0 x0.5
EL1-3 x1.5
EL4-6 x2.5
EL7-9 x3.5
EL10+ x4 
and so on.

So fireball is 2 phases duration at EL7 Boost it would go up to 7 phases.  Making the fireball longer lasting.

Range could be something similar.
Usually he (x10'), feet or miles.

So EL3 fireball would be 8" range. 
But EL7 Boost could do 28"!  Making battlefield combats change drastically!  Surprise your enemy!

Course damage and other factors could be argued.  Like a boos to the speed only.  A boost to roll modifiers a boost to other things.  

It could be abused but this could be GM determined on some things. 

GMs could mak the sell expensive like BMC 7 or so to use for abuse to be limited. 

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