[PnP] Supernatural Language: requirement v bonus

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Sat Mar 13 20:52:12 CET 2010

Egads quote messed up.  Must be format or color.  I'd say yes the +1/20% still applies for me.  Though there can be argument for the 20% since your sidh and casting sidh so really no reduction is needed.  So I could see both ways.  

At 03:04 AM 3/13/10, you wrote:
>In v2 Sidh magic has:
>Sidh Magic MUST be cast in the Tongue of the Sidh. A success roll for use of that tongue is taken before the roll for the spell is taken. If the caster is Sidh and has an EmB of three or more, this requirement is waived.
>Back in v1 using the Supernatural Tongue that the spell is magically potent in would give an increase in EL by 1 and a 20% decrease in casting cost. Is that still the case with Sidh magics? Is it cumulative with the new Power Potential rule? Is it cumulative despite the rule quoted above?
>and presuming an EL80 in the Tongue of the Sidh, does a roll of 81-100 indicate a partial success that just casts the spell without the supernatural language bonuses?
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