[PnP] Map of Perilous Lands using...?

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Great to see PnP still up and around!  I had never  forgotten PnP, but it 
has been quite a while since I saw an email from the list.  Good to know 
we're all still out there.

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> Nice to see the list still alive.  Been 4 months. Amazing how the last 
> quarter of the year goes so fraking fast.  Then first 3 quarters are a 
> drag.
> I can't draw worth a flip.  No artistic cell in body.  I could draw as a 
> kid but not now.  now I have trouble doing a simple circle.
> If it was a make a wish world it would be nice to have the PL world in a 
> software package.  The full map.  Be able to find a city with a quick 
> search or a click.  Do distance measurements from Sivas to Katai city in a 
> flash rather than trying to do manual counts now.  Click on a city get its 
> info in population, economy and the like from culture info.  Populate the 
> world with info like that and towns.  But it would be a huge project and 
> time consuming.  I find the maps wonderful as is but figuring distance for 
> one of my players to teleport from half a continent away (yeah he can) is 
> a pain.  Usually off some.
> Digital maps are great and if could somehow etch the hexes like Burton 
> says into one map would be hard work.  If we even had 10 artists one could 
> take a province and do the whole world in a month or two.
> But alas its time and work.  I'm happy with anything done.  The problem is 
> the software.  If one person uses this software to view and use his map 
> the others need it and that might not work for al folks for computer, 
> skill and OS reasons.  So it'd have to be some generic platform all can 
> use.
> A decade ago I wrote a program to view, edit and tons of other features to 
> a world about 500kx500k if I recall.  Figure one space was a city.  Took 
> only a weekend to do but it was not digital or fancy just a basic low 
> level map.
> A fun small project would be a site book map set.  Do a full color map of 
> the Island or Kril or Avalon.  Those would be very useful to folks.
> If only it was back when in college and had such free time...
> I'll be happy with anything made.
> Too all happy New year!
> [Burton: I know I know.  Ship project.  I did get about 12 hours work on 
> it of and on since September.  But time just gets away and by time you get 
> engrossed soemthing else comes up.  Grrr.  But 12 hours is better than 
> nothing.  Sigh.]
> At 03:36 PM 12/30/10, you wrote:
>>The one thing I wish i had, but don't have the software for (or the time 
>>to do it all) is a digital map of the world.  Something that can be zoomed 
>>in to make maps with.  I have sort of faked it with the maps I have 
>>submitted (basically take the hexes, apply some fractal to the lines to 
>>rough them up, apply graphics).  The problem is that each map ends up 
>>unique...I can't easily do a sequence of close maps (like the map book) 
>>since they won't match up.
>>It would be interesting to have a base DEM of the entire world, perhaps 1 
>>pixel per mile, locked to a line art.  Then when you zoom in you would 
>>need to perhaps fractilize the heights prior to working with it.
>>But having line work that scales properly would be wonderful.  The problem 
>>is, that's a lot of data, unless you want nothing but straight lines when 
>>you zoom in.
>>What is needed is some sort of procedural pre-render that takes something 
>>that won't change, like the mile coordinate of the pixel, and use that as 
>>the random seed, combined with the terrain type (plains, etc) to generate 
>>the actual terrain.  As you zoom in the fractional points around the main 
>>coord are used for the seed, so you could zoom in on a single hex to 
>>render the terrain.  then you take your render and use that as the base of 
>>a program like illustrator to lay out roads, towns or other needed 
>>Any mapping project will require a lot of work.  I'm willing to help, if I 
>>have the tools to assist.  Perhaps I'll try scanning in the pages of the 
>>map book such that 1 pixel is 1 mile and see what we would end up with. 
>>If i can stiitch it together, perhaps I can work on the DEM.
>>On Dec 30, 2010, at 8:19 AM, Floyd Resler wrote:
>>>You can find a JPEG map  here 
>>>That's one I stitched together years ago.
>>>Take care,
>>>On Dec 30, 2010, at 4:34 AM, Paul Ming wrote:
>>>>  I was just wondering if anyone has (or would be interested in) a map 
>>>> of the Perilous Lands in digital format? No, I don't have one yet 
>>>> (well, I did do most of a single map a loooooong time ago around 
>>>> Marentia: 
>>>> <http://themings.tripod.com/denslair/rpgs/powersandperils/rpg_pnp_temp.html>http://themings.tripod.com/denslair/rpgs/powersandperils/rpg_pnp_temp.html 
>>>> Sorry for the crappy site...did it over a decade ago and haven't really 
>>>> touched it sinse...kinda surprised it's still there).
>>>>  Anyway, I was thinking about starting up a P&P campaign sometime in 
>>>> the new year and I'll probably be doing a lot of campaign stuff on 
>>>> computer. One of the things I'm thinking about doing is maps; world, 
>>>> area, country, city, etc. I'm just trying to decide on a style for 
>>>> them. Maybe a 'simple' hex map (using Hexographer), but perhaps 
>>>> something more artistic (hand-drawn/painted), or maybe using Campaign 
>>>> Cartographer 3 (or some mix between them all). If anyone had a 
>>>> perference, or particular 'artistic style' that they think goes well 
>>>> with the flavour of P&P, please post a link to an example or two. I'm 
>>>> hunting for something myself, but wondering what others have found 
>>>> particularily good.
>>>>Paul L. Ming
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