[PnP] Increasing Spell EL's

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Thu Mar 12 22:24:53 CET 2009

This does not take into account that most high BMC spells will be cast 
against MDV and will gain MDV x2 expt instead of BMC x2.

Against a low MDV the gain is less than BMC x2, but the risk is also 
lower. Against high MDV, the risk of failure/abysmal is also higher.

I do remember we created charts (20 years ago) for the gain per casting, 
and the average gain taking the success chance per MEL/MDV/Effective EL 
combination into  account.

Now I don't think I have copies of the charts any more, but if Dave has 
too much time on his hands ...

Schnockel wrote:
> I don't understand something....
> To get a BMC 1 spell from EL0 to EL9 takes 95 successful casts.  
> (theoretical 95 mana)
> To get a BMC 4 spell from EL0 to EL9 takes 27.5 successful casts.  
> (theoretical 110 mana)
> To get a BMC 10 spell from EL0 to EL9 takes 14 successful casts.   
> (theoretical 140 mana)
> To get a BMC 20 spell from EL0 to EL9 takes 9.5 successful casts.   
> (theoretical 190 mana)
> Now, why does it take fewer casts of a spell to gain higher levels on 
> the most powerful spells?  Admittedly, the mana cost is greater, but not 
> THAT much greater.  Seems to me to take a BMC 20 spell to EL9 is worth 
> more effort than simply doubling the mana cost to a BMC 1 spell at EL9.
> Dave Sanders
> PS  This is what happens when Dave has too much time on his hands.
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