[PnP] typo in sidh formula

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Mar 5 00:02:15 CET 2009

In Book II v2 page 10

*Power Potential*

The current EmB of the caster varies use of Sidh Magic. The stronger his 
Em, the stronger his use of the magic. In all cases, the effective EL of 
a Sidh Magic spell is *EL – (Current EmB – 3)*. If the result is less 
than zero the spell is not cast effectively at the EL known.

EXAMPLE – Alvus Jon has an Em of 43. His EmB is +2. He subtracts one 
from the effective EL of Sidh magic he knows. Those he knows at EL0 
cannot be cast effectively. When his Em reaches 51 his bonus becomes +3. 
He will subtract nothing. The Faerry who taught him has a +5 EmB. She 
adds TWO to the EL for her use of Sidh Magic.

The formula is wrong. Take mages Exceptional (EmB of 5); Average (EmB of 
3); Dull (EmB of 1).
EL - (5-3) = EL-2 when Exceptional should get +2. EL-(3-3)=EL; EL - 
(1-3) = EL-(-2)= EL+2 when Dull should get EL-2.

Solution: Change the formula to EL + (Current EmB -3) OR EL-3+EmB

--Alex Koponen

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