[PnP] Survival talent rules question

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Wed Mar 4 07:10:22 CET 2009

*Survival – All – *The Character is a born survivor. His talent applies 
toward survival in any terrain. If he has learned the skill for that 
terrain it has full value. If not it is 1/2 value (RU). One roll is 
taken. It applies to all forms of Survival.

Unlike other talents of this type, the rating is determined by rolling 
*1D6+2*. If the result of that roll is EIGHT, the Character may add his 
rating times two to his chance of detecting an ambush before it strikes 
him. In addition, the talent this Character wields helps him deal with 
adversity. 50% of the rating level (RD) is added to his DCV and MDV.

Question: What about those that roll a result of SEVEN or LESS? Do those 
results add any to the chance of detecting ambushes? Or is that only for 
those lucky enough to have maxed the roll?

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