[PnP] how virgin is virgin enough?

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Feb 10 22:52:03 CET 2009

At 03:38 PM 2/10/09, you wrote:
>Even now I can't wait till this is finished. I expect it to be in line 
>with your other economic stuff, so the detail will be fabulous.
>With the risk of sounding like Scott: how about including prices for 
>magic items also (big, big grin).
Burton - For the ship project I did a economic chrt thart might help you if you need to know what nations do what.  Save some time.  Problem with any economic system is the GM and players and the nation.  Walk in a shop in Katai with a magical ring and might get killed. Sell said ring in the Dark Lands and might get cheap value (due to amount of magic).  Sell it in Marentia might get a good value.  Good luck on the project.  
Maybe that's an idea do it relative.  Apply factors.  Use one nation as a baseline.  Say Marentia which sells and buys everything.  
So all factors would be x1 for Marentia.  For Magic Items dark lands might be x.5 and for Katai x0 and Marentia x2 for such a system like that?  Break it into categories.  Anchors would be cheap in Clima but expensive in Djani swamps where sea anchors are less and swamp anchors are more.  Basic supply/demand factors.  Ugh.  Ok this started out to make sense then I lost my train of thought. :)

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