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J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Thu Dec 24 05:34:48 CET 2009

PnP has no rules for healing subdual differently from real damage
Most game systems have subdual recover in hours not days
Some when magic is used cure real and an equal amount of subdual at the 
same time

Reality-wise a good part of the subdual is gone quickly but some 
lingers, the linger could be considered real damage
So someone knocked out may be fine after a few minutes, though could be 
woozy for a while
Most knock out damage is temporary and has little to do with fighting 
afterward, effectively it is cured

So for a game system, a knocked out person should be out for a while and 
wake up a bit sore but otherwise fine
That would imply the subdual actually lasts just long enough to do the 
knock out and associated 'out' time and is gone afterward leaving only 
the residual real damage incurred.
Thus I would expect magical healing to easily wake the person and render 
them effectively healed of that subdual damage, but that may be too good?
But since PnP has limits on magical healing in place, the use of such to 
take care of knockouts is not abusive

PnP associates 10-20% real damage with subdual so there will be a 
significant amount of damage residual unless the knock out occurred quickly
Subdual damage can even exceed HP if the person has a lot of stamina, if 
I remember correctly, and thus that person could be seriously injured 
before being knocked out.
Thus I see no need for any extra penalties after being woke up

Thats my 2 brass bits worth ;)

Scott Adams wrote:
> First Merry Christmas and happy new year to all out there...
> Second, I'm interested in answers to the subdual healing aspects Alex posted on.
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