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	I would love to get a PBEM game started.  I think I have a pretty  
good grasp on how to do things except for combat.  How do you handle  


On Aug 24, 2009, at 7:02 PM, Scott Adams wrote:

> At 03:12 PM 8/24/09, you wrote:
>> I was just skimming through The Tower of the Dead and it really
>> sparked a desire to play Powers & Perils!  With all the rich detail  
>> in
>> that adventure it would be a shame not to play it.  So, I was
>> wondering if anyone lives in the Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton  
>> areas
>> that would like to play?  Years ago I used to drive up to Dayton  
>> every
>> Sunday and play.  I live in Mason so any of the aforementioned cities
>> isn't too far of a drive for me.
> Howdy,  Its a great game.  You could always commute on your private   
> jet down here to Florida and we'll game.  :)
> Not much play it live/table wise these days.  Just too busy.  So  
> PBEM is the best option for most that like it.
> I've done my pbem for just over 10 years and have made periodic  
> recruitment posts in here about it.  Right now party is 13 players  
> active (all but about 2 super active).  So big party but around 16  
> in total.  But for this the 4th adventure which ends a 3 adventure  
> arc a large party is needed as its going to be alot of combat in the  
> end after some thinking.
> Just added new player in last couple months but now hes just having  
> fun walking around naked fighting merman.  go figure.
> PBEM allows one to play at their time rather than scheduling all to  
> get together and such.  Though its slower it has advantages and  
> disadvantages.  Time is slower (we do 2 updates a week compared to  
> table which might be 6-8 hours in that span you get more done sure.   
> But in pbem you have more detail.  More story.  More role playing.
> One adventure like this one might be done in 3 weekends but it may  
> take 1 year in pbems.  Its fun as its more story logged rather than  
> short term memory fun.  Among other pro and cons.
> I like it.  Done PBEMs for over 20 years going back to '80s on the  
> BBS largest pbem I had was 17 players in one Gaamma World game back  
> in the '80s they still talk about.
> Currently I believe tehre is 3 pbems.  Mine going on a decade.   
> Lev's which is going on 2 years since Aug '08.  He does a update  
> maybe once every 2 weeks so tends to be a bit slower and completely  
> different in style from mine.  I think it has...5? players.
> The 3rd is somewhere out like in yahoo I think but don't think it  
> ever got off the ground.  Frankly most pbems don't last past 6  
> months.  Just GMs don't know how to do it well or players lose  
> interest.  So if you find a good pbem in any game lasting 2+ years  
> your lucky.  I've tried over the last 20 years and found only a few.
> But if you want to start up one I'll join! :)
> -----
> Scott - Great name btw - Cons.  The good old days.  I did pnp at 7  
> cons I believe since the '80s. Must go with pregens as you say.   
> Miss those days as not as many around.
> Powers & Perils - Feel the evil and taunt the good!
> http://www.funport.com/longshot/pbem
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