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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 25 01:02:02 CEST 2009

At 03:12 PM 8/24/09, you wrote:
>I was just skimming through The Tower of the Dead and it really  
>sparked a desire to play Powers & Perils!  With all the rich detail in  
>that adventure it would be a shame not to play it.  So, I was  
>wondering if anyone lives in the Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton areas  
>that would like to play?  Years ago I used to drive up to Dayton every  
>Sunday and play.  I live in Mason so any of the aforementioned cities  
>isn't too far of a drive for me.
Howdy,  Its a great game.  You could always commute on your private  jet down here to Florida and we'll game.  :) 

Not much play it live/table wise these days.  Just too busy.  So PBEM is the best option for most that like it.
I've done my pbem for just over 10 years and have made periodic recruitment posts in here about it.  Right now party is 13 players active (all but about 2 super active).  So big party but around 16 in total.  But for this the 4th adventure which ends a 3 adventure arc a large party is needed as its going to be alot of combat in the end after some thinking.  
Just added new player in last couple months but now hes just having fun walking around naked fighting merman.  go figure.  

PBEM allows one to play at their time rather than scheduling all to get together and such.  Though its slower it has advantages and disadvantages.  Time is slower (we do 2 updates a week compared to table which might be 6-8 hours in that span you get more done sure.  But in pbem you have more detail.  More story.  More role playing.   
One adventure like this one might be done in 3 weekends but it may take 1 year in pbems.  Its fun as its more story logged rather than short term memory fun.  Among other pro and cons. 

I like it.  Done PBEMs for over 20 years going back to '80s on the BBS largest pbem I had was 17 players in one Gaamma World game back in the '80s they still talk about.  

Currently I believe tehre is 3 pbems.  Mine going on a decade.  Lev's which is going on 2 years since Aug '08.  He does a update maybe once every 2 weeks so tends to be a bit slower and completely different in style from mine.  I think it has...5? players.  

The 3rd is somewhere out like in yahoo I think but don't think it ever got off the ground.  Frankly most pbems don't last past 6 months.  Just GMs don't know how to do it well or players lose interest.  So if you find a good pbem in any game lasting 2+ years your lucky.  I've tried over the last 20 years and found only a few.

But if you want to start up one I'll join! :)


Scott - Great name btw - Cons.  The good old days.  I did pnp at 7 cons I believe since the '80s. Must go with pregens as you say.  Miss those days as not as many around.  

Powers & Perils - Feel the evil and taunt the good!

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