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Excellent points but yuck.

I've always hated when physics gets involved with fantasy magic;
particularly your ship example below. There is truly no way to be consistent
with all spells with respect to physics and also maintain game balance.

P&P universe aside, for consistency's sake and to avoid abuse, I've always
felt that spells that mark places do so relative to the world that the place
is on, like a GPS. So I disregard stuff like orbits and world rotation, but
do note whether vehicles including boats have moved.

I like to give some leeway for casters to be clever with spells, but if it
becomes clever to the point of abuse, I'll usually nix it.

My $0.02 for oblivion: I would rule it would not work as expected on a boat
unless the boat had not moved. If the caster wanted to bring the target
back, he'd have to be in the area where he'd first cast oblivion in order to
do so. If you didn't have that last restriction, then you make it too easy
for the caster to send a willing assassin into oblivion for later precise
release without the caster even having to be there.

On 4/17/09, Alex Koponen <akoponen at mosquitonet.com> wrote:
>   The question has arisen about whether the victim of an Oblivion spell
> always arrives back at the location they left.
> In prior gaming as both GM and player the spell was interpreted as having
> the victim appear at the same spot he was at when struck by the spell IF and
> WHEN the duration of the spell expires. By paying twice the cost the caster
> can bring him back at any time. In prior play this has also been interpreted
> to mean that the caster can bring the victim back at any time and at any
> place within range of the caster when the caster spends the mana to bring
> the victim back.
> Of course each GM can decide how the spell works (or doesn't) in their
> Universe.
> Some simple tests should be able to determine how Oblivion works.
> Note that some questions might easily be answered differently in different
> Universes.
> Such as:   Does the spell work on inanimate objects?
>               Does the spell work on inanimate objects containing other
> objects?
>               Does the spell work on multiple objects?
>               If cast on a ship out on the ocean and duration allowed to
> expire does the victim come back on the same place on the ship, or the same
> place on the ocean?
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