[PnP] West Of...Where?

Phineas Cromwell phineascromwell at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 00:54:56 CET 2008

I've had my share of foot-in-the-mouths and brain-farts resulting from my
asking hastily spouted-off stupid questions, and for some reason I'm anxious
and paranoid that the question I'm about to ask you guys is going to be
added to that 'stupid list'
But I've been rolling this one around ever since Mr. Snider did his awesome
and much-awaited Christmas Present post for "The Western Lands". I'll just
ask it: Shouldnt the Western Lands actually be called the Eastern Lands? (oh
boy, here it comes, I bet...)
>From what I recall, Lemasa 'discovered' what was termed the "Eastern Lands"
in the Culture Book, and they are on the eastern coast of the Perilous Lands
continent. Also, a map in the back of the Site Book indicates this
eastern-compass orientation.
Am I missing something, nitpicking, or am I so incredibly naive? Or is it
just the way things are and I should be grateful?
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