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Gagh! Can't believe I missed Lucy Lawless (Xena). I'm a fan and it's always nice to see one actor or another from that show whenever and wherever they pop-up. I'll track it down in my area and check it out.

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>  Heard of the show but not sure when it's on and have yet to see it. I'm interested though not only for its fantasy aspect but also as a fan of Xena so the show could have potential.
>  As for Shadow magic, hopefully there will be some word soon to better detail the system as it can affect my character but i'll refrain from saying anymore due to potential bias:)
It should have a website.  Sam Ramis is behind it and he did alot of those type of shows.  It actually had Xena (the actoress) do a intro to the series.  I just happened to turn tv flipping to this local station I rarely rarely watch.  Happen to notice her and stayed she was explaining the 2 hour pilot and behind the scenes so I looked for it the next week.  Alex found it in hs area in Alaska so if its up there it should be country wide.  Either find the website or do a yahoo search for the show every few days.  Here its on weekend and I think up in AK its sat as well.
It had one neat Tracking spell with maps that I thought pnp could use... 

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