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   Heard of the show but not sure when it's on and have yet to see it. I'm interested though not only for its fantasy aspect but also as a fan of Xena so the show could have potential.
   As for Shadow magic, hopefully there will be some word soon to better detail the system as it can affect my character but i'll refrain from saying anymore due to potential bias:)

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The lack of comments on shadow magic tells me the confusion and lack of experience in it.  So hopefully Richard will comment on it soon.
When he can.

Anyone catching the TV show The Legend of the Seeker?  Its not one of the best all time shows.  But same guy who did Xena and others.  To me it reminds me a great deal of PNP>  Many of the character templates the lands and the magic is a kin to pnp.  Its the closest I've seen in a tv show or movie.  It doesn't seem to have a network associated with it and is syndicated so could be anywhere on your schedule.  Here in Jax (4th largest TV market behind NY, LA, Chicago) its on a ex-CBS station that isn't a netowrk anymore but just a local station at 7pm on Saturday.  So it looks to be Saturday.  I noticed at one point it was on WGN which was a Chicago station.  Check Yahoo for your local listings and check it out. Many spells from tracking, fire and others were seen int eh show in the first 2 eps.  Just a interesting FYI.

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