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   Just my two cents but I see Shadow magic existing in any lighting condition in which a shadow can exist, not in total darkness or a noon sun on an open plain for example, but I would imagine that once it 'pops' out of existence due to darkness or light that it is gone for good, dispelled, and doesn't 'pop' back in when shadows return. Another spell would have to be cast.

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At 06:48 AM 11/2/08, you wrote:
>In my current game we have a shadow mage.  We go by fairly loose rules  
>on it, since it's such a subjective magic form.  Basically, short of a  
>moonless night or daylight on an open plain or desert he has SOME  
>shadows to work with.

Yeah.  Its complex why I hope Richard gives his views since he invented it.  Or others.  I mean does the shadow magic chair or warrior or armor or whatever made disappear and spell is ended or does it come back once shadows form.  Stuff like that I just don't have a grasp on.

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