[PnP] Elf Shot questions

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue May 6 07:01:12 CEST 2008

At 11:35 PM 5/5/08, you wrote:
>Anyone ever use this spell?
>Says 10 mana to dedicate Bow, 5 for Arrow in original rules
>Does the spell need to be cast each time an arrow is shot?
>If so how does that work?
>Part of the same phase action cast and fire?

We've used it often here.  I've not studied the v2 on this one to see if it changed.  Ahh it did change.  Arrows are 2 now not 5.  Much cheaper.

I seve it that the bow can be dedciated once and lasts until the restriction is broken (ie using it for different purpose).  Think of it like a temp perm action.  It can be dedicated long before a combat.  Arrows same way.  Though in the past we did say arrows had to be done within a X amount of time before combat.  Those rules didn't last long though.  So Arrows can be done anytime and last as well.  The actual elf shot is cast for each dedication if I recall.  Honestly been awhile since we used it here.  Some have argued time limits for it.  

Since I invented Archery Powers (now in v2) I've had to tweak some of the casting and fire bits here.  I usually employ the spell effect in Magic Effect AND/or missile fire segments depending on situation and spell.  

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