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I dont know if any of you have ever read the series, Gor, by John Norman, 
but it just seems to me that the flavor found in P&P can be found in this 
series.  The sense of a more complicated adventure (than the mere "let's go 
to the castle to destroy badguy") than what you find often times in both 
fantasy novels and fantasy rpgs.  While there is no magic in the Gor series, 
the intelligence factor that I like so well in the series seems to me, at 
least me at any rate, one of the reasons why I like the adventures and the 
concepts (rules, character creation, et cetera) in P&P.  Probably one of the 
reasons why while games and books seem to come and go, for indeed I am a 
collector, I will never seek to sell any of the P&P box sets I have nor will 
I ever sell the Gor novels.  I'd hate to give up the intelligence that they 
offer.  Just a simple observation, sorry to intrude.

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> Been quiet lately.  So let's start up jibber jabbering again.
> Richard, can you clarify Damage Reversal?
> Its not one spell we've used that much in the past just few don't choose 
> it.
> Under the rules of course if damaged you lose the mana in casting a spell. 
> Ergo how are the mechanics on this spell?
> Cast Before hand?  Cast After damage?  Cast during?
> Its written such a way could be interpreted many ways.
> One could say that you cast with a duration.  Then in that time if damaged 
> physically or through spell damage (non energy I guess) then it goes back 
> on the atacker.  But if not it just fades away (spell).  But others could 
> read it as cast after damage and then it goes back as if the body is 
> stored battery or something?
> Could you clarify it?
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