[PnP] Perm Magics...how...?

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I would say, that as you add more spells to an item, say to create a total immunity item, the item starts to become aware and get some type of intelligence. There would also be some kind of alignment then assigned and lots of fun to be had. ;7 (evil grin) The reasoning behind the item becoming aware is that as each new spell is cast to create the item, there is always a greater chance that some wandering spirit gets caught or the Balance Gods decide there needs to be a way to not have it over balance the cosmos, so forth ...

Just evil GM thoughts :)

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> >Spells generally have to be invoked.
> I'm thinking of some items that can be invoked by say opening a desk drawer.  Rather than a person's words or secret handshake.  :)
> >The whole perm magics section needs a bit of a tweaking to add these  
> >rules.
> Great!  Thanks for being willing to do the job!
> Look forwrd to it :) (snicker)
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