[PnP] Perm Magics...how...?

Burton Choinski bchoinski at comcast.net
Tue Jan 22 01:24:20 CET 2008

I would allow stat improvements or certain immunities and skill  
settings as always on (I have to codify the skill Perm magics I mailed  
to the list, that was off the top of my head but I think I'll nail it  
down as the way things work for my game).

Spells generally have to be invoked.

The whole perm magics section needs a bit of a tweaking to add these  

On Jan 21, 2008, at 7:18 PM, Scott Adams wrote:

> At 09:44 AM 1/21/08, you wrote:
>> As a tangent to this, just so you can see the oddity of my group,  
>> they
>> found a full helm that allows communication (EL6, so it has 6
>> "charges", regaining 1 charge per day).
>> From the first time of use, when they were meeting the Hunfrithi, the
>> wizards could easily cast Tongues and communicate, but the warrior  
>> had
>> to use the helm.  Cue scene in room.
>> Player: "Just a second please while I put on my <deep voice> DARK
>> HELMET  to speak with you. </deep voice>
>> Henceforth it's just been called his "Dark Helmet*", and player
>> doodles of his character have always been hilarious.
>> But on topic, If you have an item that casts a spell of some type,
>> depending on how restrictive you want your magic to be, you could say
>> that only wizards can actually cast the spells (the item is only a
>> conduit, but requires the mana of the user to fire).  That provides a
>> use limiter as well (especially high-cost spells).  You may also  
>> allow
>> non-wizards to use it, but it draws Energy (painful)
>> Alternately, have the caster allocate extra mana when the item is
>> created -- the extra is stored by the objects and replenishes at HALF
>> mana regen per day.  This stored mana battery may be used to defray
>> the costs of firing off the spell.
>> *Spaceballs reference
> "My you have a large head..."
> Yep.  I take it case by case.  A dagger with say Clairvoyance might  
> be useable by a non MU but something more high level like a EL5  
> Transmutation Wand might only be for MUs
> Do you allow Always on stuff?  I mean Attribute Effects are always  
> on and in the above case I could argue communicate could be as well  
> but just need to be invoked.
> -------
> To save List posts...
> John On Total Imm would be a very powerful item to have :)
> Not only a Named Dedicated item quality thing it'd be hard for Ref's  
> to get behind and kill :) err I mean...have fun...errr I mean deal  
> with..yeah.
> So for Total I tend to have Each Immunity done separately so Imm to  
> Chaos then LAw then etc...building it up and making it a chance it  
> could break :)
> As to Supernatural Attributes I'd simply not allow mortals to make  
> it.  That comes from the Divine.  I might be willing to let an  
> Avatar of the god or a High priest (highest super rank) be able to  
> make it but would be super rare.
> On Knowledge I suppose Ensorcel again.  But problem is the spell  
> don't vary ELs soooo...your better off using it as a spell and  
> gaining Mep/ep and skill points.  But again one could argue that's a  
> Divine spell so may not be able to be planted on a item without some  
> hard and intense groveling before your gm..err I mean God.
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