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I just realized I got that last sentence wrong. I meant an Elf's
(hypothetical) 11 to a Human's 9, by which 10 would be an easy automatic
average. Not that this matters; I just hate when I do that.

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Phineas Cromwell <phineascromwell at gmail.com
> wrote:

> At a glance, I see that the base Height factor for Males is 46 and 43 for
> Females; this is the same for pure-breed Female Elves but one higher than
> pure-breed Males. Also, the base (Native Ability) Agility racial (for
> Half-Elves) modification is still in a higher bracket than for pure-breed
> Humans; and it is almost the same as the pure-breed Elf.
> Using these as a basic guide, it appears the Half-Elf, because of Height,
> tends to retain a longer average leg-stride. And since Agility is used as a
> bonus modification to determine individual MR, I would shoot off a quick,
> rough guess that it might be the higher of the two.
> If pure-breed Elves had a modification of 12 to a Human's 10, I would
> probably prefer just to simply say 11.
>   On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 12:19 AM, Schnockel <dasandersx at comcast.net>wrote:
>>   This actually applies to any of the mixed races, but I am especially
>> interested in the half-elf mix.
>> What MR numbers are used with human-elf hybrids?  Humans get 9+AB and
>> Elves get 10+AB.  Which is appropriate for the mixed race?
>> Thanks!
>> Dave Sanders
>> PS  I am working on my own version of an excel spreadsheet for
>> characters...it has LOTS of tables and I'm trying to make it as
>> formula-driven as possible.  So far I have one Tab for inserting the die
>> rolls, one Tab for developing the character (assigning initial increases),
>> and then I have a third Tab as a 'print version' character sheet.
>> Eventually it will have most of the combat and non combat skills, and
>> (someday)magic automated.
>> Heck, I even made a chart for gem, jewel and jewelry generation.
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