[PnP] Half-elf Movement Rates

Schnockel dasandersx at comcast.net
Sat Dec 27 06:19:12 CET 2008

This actually applies to any of the mixed races, but I am especially interested in the half-elf mix.

What MR numbers are used with human-elf hybrids?  Humans get 9+AB and Elves get 10+AB.  Which is appropriate for the mixed race?


Dave Sanders

PS  I am working on my own version of an excel spreadsheet for characters...it has LOTS of tables and I'm trying to make it as formula-driven as possible.  So far I have one Tab for inserting the die rolls, one Tab for developing the character (assigning initial increases), and then I have a third Tab as a 'print version' character sheet.  Eventually it will have most of the combat and non combat skills, and (someday)magic automated.

Heck, I even made a chart for gem, jewel and jewelry generation.
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