[PnP] Apology For The "Abnaric" Debacle

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Dec 4 14:18:59 CET 2008

At 03:02 PM 12/3/08, you wrote:
>I feel like I just fought a CDF 50 creature!
>This might possibly have something to do with some kind of Unicode setting.

I believe Wout mentioned it earlier.  If there is a plus symbol in the file (ascii for EOF - end of file) then it cuts it off.  Having worked in dos since the '80s before windows existed I knew all too well the problem of files and posts.  If you concat (copy) A+b to C and A has a EOF char in it you could miss half the post.  One way is to strip email or ascii codes from the text or ensure all CR/LF (returns/line feeds) are in place to force the EOF to the bottom.

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